什么是bg真人游戏注册 Help?

bg真人游戏注册 Help is a program designed to assist bg真人游戏注册 students through benefit services.  The goal is to increase student retention and completion, 增加学生的财务稳定性, increase employment rates and generate a culture change.  美国服务队Vista, AARP TaxAide, Northwest Regional 住房 Authority and the Food Bank of North Central Arkansas have partnered with the college to make this program possible.


bg真人游戏注册 Help提供食物, 医疗保健, 税务筹划, 员工服务, Unemployment Insurance Benefits and other services to assist students during their pursuit of higher 教育.  bg真人游戏注册 provides an on-campus location to aid in-person application processes for partnering agencies.


皮特的储藏室 is a free supplemental food pantry for currently enrolled bg真人游戏注册 students.  bg真人游戏注册帮助的一个分支, 皮特的储藏室 was designed to assist students with food needs while working to further their 教育.  The only requirement to use the pantry is that the student must be currently enrolled in classes.

Students are welcome to visit the pantry twice a month during the semesters in which they are enrolled. 皮特的食品储藏室是建立在积分制上的. The number of people in a student's household will determine the point total for the visit. Students will be allowed to shop through the pantry and select the food for their families.
皮特的储藏室 is located in room M171 on the South campus of BG真人大游APP. The Pantry is open for walk-ins on Wednesdays from 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. 周四下午12:30开始.m. - 4 p.m. 在上课期间. To schedule an appointment outside of those times, just email or call 870-391-3307 or the 建议 Office at 870-391-3115. You may come by the pantry to shop for your selections or request a shopping list be sent to you so that you can pre-order.
皮特的储藏室 was established through the Working Student Success Network and is sustained through private donations. Through our partnership with the Food Bank of North Central Arkansas, 皮特的储藏室 is able to receive food on average at 10 cents per pound. While we do accept non-expired shelf life food, we ask that if you wish to donate to the pantry please make a monetary donation. To donate please call 870-391-3307 or the bg真人游戏注册基金会 at 870-391-3159.

bg真人游戏注册 also appreciates items purchased and donated through our Amazon Wish List and each item will go to a deserving student working to better themselves through 教育.

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Employment & 培训计划(SNAP | E&T)

提前E&T program provides individuals receiving SNAP benefits support and resources to develop self-sufficiency. One-on-one advising sessions identify personal interests and match interests to available support, 培训, 就业机会. 提前E&T program hosts a wide variety of partnerships in the College, community, and state.

In person meetings are available in Berryville, Harrison, Huntsville, Jasper, and Leslie. Telephone and Zoom conferencing are also provided. Student walk-ins are welcome at room # M171 (near the Bradley Center) on bg真人游戏注册 - South campus.  All services are available to students and the public.

提前E&T Coordinator, Jennifer Scott, can be reached directly at 870-391-3197 or


bg真人游戏注册 staff assists students in reaching their financial goals. Financial services provided by bg真人游戏注册帮助 include goal setting, 学会明智地预算, 节省更多的钱, 建立你的信用, 偿还债务, 经济稳定.

Get help from one-on-one financial coaching sessions, 金融专家讲座, and free 教育al workshop opportunities offered each semester. Our one-on-one coaching sessions combined with the information learned through the financial literacy curriculum will have students eager to improve their financial situations and be better equipped for life after graduation. Please contact Jennifer Haddock at 870-391-3240 or


Career coaching is for students who wish to gain a clear picture of where they are going, 提高工作满意度, 换工作或换职业. Each session holds a great opportunity to explore what the future holds and set personal career goals while gaining career confidence, 洞察力, 鼓励, 和灵感. 职业教练会:
  • 试着找出你的生活/工作价值观, your purpose in life and identify careers which are aligned with this. The closer your job is to these critical values, the happier and more satisfied you will feel.
  • Help you recognize what jobs you are suited for based on your talents, 教育, 个性, 和雄心. These can be detected through general discussion, testing and probing questions. The best coaches are very honest and will tell you what you can aspire to and what your limitations are likely to be.
  • Assist you to clarify your long-term career goals and assist you to create an action plan to achieve them. 这可能需要几个会话才能完成.
  • 组织你的求职, help with your application documents as well as coach you to present well in job interviews.
To learn more about career coaching opportunities at bg真人游戏注册 or to schedule an appointment, 联系咨询办公室,电话:870-391-3115.


Career and financial literacy 培训 is provided to bg真人游戏注册 students through course embedding, 新生迎新, Go To Person活动, 研讨会, 北卡欢迎周, bg真人游戏注册网站, publications and community partner agencies. 主题包括预算, 信贷, 支票及储蓄帐户, exploration of options for majors and resume and professionalism.