Learning Resource Center - Tutoring Services

Tutors are now located in the Learning Resource Center.  Tutors include retired teachers, current instructors as well as current students who excel academically. Tutoring is offered in English, Mathematics as well as lab sciences, social sciences, business and allied health courses. Tutors also offer study skills assessments and exam preparation services.  Please stop by the LRC front desk to meet with a tutor.

What to bring to your tutoring session.

  • Syllabus and/or copy of your assignment
  • Any ideas or work already completed on the assignment
  • Class textbook and notes
  • Anything else that might help tutors better assists you

What to expect from a tutoring session.

  • Assessment of how you’re currently doing in the class
  • Identification and focus on what needs to be accomplished during the tutoring session (for example, are you studying for an exam, completing a math assignment or making an outline for an upcoming speech?)
  • Tips on how to address test anxiety, effective study and learning techniques as well as time management strategies

Words of advice from our tutors.

  • Please don’t wait until the day of your exam or the day your paper is due to seek out tutoring. Make sure you have plenty of time available to have a meaningful tutoring session in addition to any work you need to complete on your own prior to the due date. 
  • Don’t wait until you get behind in a class to come to the center; do it before you get behind. Especially when you know you are going to have a difficult course load or class during the semester.
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